Chris Vandevelde

Hello, World.

Hey! I'm a Waterloo Systems Design Engineering graduate, with a focus on automation, Natural Language Processing, and Artificial Intelligence.

I want to automate things humans can't do well,
and let humans do things automation can't do well.

Triangulation Device

A participatory sound experiment by Professor Jessica Thompson, generating improvised soundscapes based on user movement.

Project MUSE

My fourth-year design project at Waterloo, converting beatboxing or singing into drums and melodies via machine learning and signal processing.

Nengo AR

I bought a ParrotAR Drone quadcopter, and for a project I'm trying to hook up one of the world's most advanced simulated brains to it, because that sounded like the coolest thing I could do.


I don't like hand-coding HTML in my Python, but I don't quite need a templating system...

ひらがな Practice

Flash cards are so last year. I need to practice japanese now.

EngFOC Site

For a year, from September 2012 to 2013, my entire life was Waterloo's Engineering Orientation Week - this was my team.

Old "Portfolio"

I used to be way more artistic! Check out my high school portfolio...ahh, memories.